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Editorial: Florida’s high court should reinstate Monique Worrell, because truth and justice matter

Florida’s governmental integrity and the rights of its voters stand on a precipice. State Attorney Monique Worrell’s fight to regain control of her office after being suspended in August by Gov. Ron DeSantis is just one symptom of this. But it’s a big one.

Wednesday’s oral arguments before the Florida Supreme Court, as Worrell fought to reverse the governor’s coup, underscored that. The attorney for DeSantis argued that the court had no power to consider the facts alleged in his brief.

Will the court agree, after the Orlando Sentinel did the exhaustive research that left one of DeSantis’ biggest allegations against Worrell in ruins? Cristóbal Reyes’ story on today’s front page undermines a claim that Worrell is to blame for failed drug trafficking cases in Osceola County. And it raises an even bigger question: Why didn’t the governor’s office check its facts before taking the grave step of removing her from office?

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